[SMF] ColorCity Theme - Responsive Theme with Colorpicker

Started by Diego Andrés, January 07, 2016, 12:40:56 AM

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Diego Andrés

ColorCity- Responsive Theme
Theme by Diego Andrés

Youtube Preview:


  • Full Responsive Theme
  • Colorpicker Theme multicolor changer
  • Features

    • Bootstrap
    • FontAwesome
    • Remove buttons (actions) from the main menu
    • Footer links
    • Group buttons (actions) inside a button named "Community" and choose which buttons you want to leave outside.
    • Social network icons
    • Separate sticky & normal topics
    • Enable avatar on board mod
    • Enable avatar on recent posts
    • Enable avatar on topics list
    • Set your own logo url
    • Set a footer image

Updates and support will be found at SMF Tricks.

Buy this theme: http://smftricks.com/index.php?action=store;sa=view;id=23
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I'd be interested in buying this theme if I am able to easily add a rotating banner up top.

There's also a bug with mobile devices and 3rd level menu's that I'd like fixed first.

Really nice theme as usual though guys! Been thinking of updating and this could be the one.

Also is adding font awesome icons next to the main menu items possible?
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Diego Andrés

It's possible to add a rotator header
I can't seem to find any bug in the menu
And yes, I can help you to add font awesome icons to the menu.


Edit: Screenshot attached


Nice one.
There's a few other things I want to change but I think I will be able to do them..

Yep, same menu I was meaning.

When I click show posts to open the drop down. I am taken to the page before the menu can open.

Using chrome for Android if that helps

Diego Andrés

Unfortunately there isn't too much to do about that. It just depends on how the browser reacts to a button with child buttons.
E.g I don't have this issue in neither Safari or Chrome but I have it in Firefox mobile browser.

We don't know if there's a possible fix as the third level button is just a snippet of code we found from a third party developer.

Anyway, just inside the button you can find the subsections so I don't really see it as a huge bug considering only happens under certain OS circumstances.

It might be fixable so I'll take note of it.


Hmmm, hopefully something crops up that will solve it across all devices.  I planned to use 3rd level menu's in my main menu but the demo doesn't have any to see how it would display.

Definitely looking to upgrade soon, but I can't seem to settle on which theme to use.. :-P

Diego Andrés

Forgot to post. 3rd level works just fine in Main menu


Having major problems with the Font Awesome icons on Chrome and Firefox. How do I turn off the Font Awesome icons and substitute my own please ?

Diego Andrés

Please open a new topic in the support boards http://smftricks.com/index.php?board=35.0
This is for better support, thanks.