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March 13, 2016, 03:17:31 PM
Theme by Pipee. Designed by Raphisio

Blue Style:
(click to show/hide)
  • Bootstrap 3.3.6
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Font Awesome & Glyphicons
  • Pace.js
  • js-cookie
  • bootstrap-dropdown-hover
  • Animate.css

Features :
  • Full Responsive
  • Theme Settings Panel
    • Hide News Box
    • Disabled Theme Effects
  • Links can be removed from the menu, from the administration.
  • Group buttons (actions) inside a button named "Community" and choose which buttons you want to leave outside.
  • Enable/Disable categories in columns
  • Disable FontAwesome icons
  • Social network icons
  • Separate sticky & normal topics
  • Enable avatar on board mod
  • Enable avatar on recent posts
  • Enable avatar on topics list
  • Go to Top in the header
  • Recent publications on the left side of the board.
    • Can put in the right side.

Updates and support will be found at SMF Tricks.

Buy this theme: http://smftricks.com/index.php?action=store;sa=view;id=26
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Re: Neuter
April 06, 2016, 06:40:27 AM
it looks amazing. congratulations. i want to buy this theme
is there any coupon code (discount) for first purchasing? if is there it will be helpfull for me   :-[
if i buy this theme can i remove footer link? (i mean this link: theme by smftricks)


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Re: Neuter
April 08, 2016, 01:19:14 AM
i have made paypent and waiting for using this theme on my smf  :)
i am very excited  :D thanx.