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April 29, 2016, 11:32:13 AM
Theme by Pipee. Designed by Raphisio
  • Full Responsive Theme
  • Colorpicker Theme multicolor changer
  • Features
    • Bootstrap
    • FontAwesome
    • Remove buttons (actions) from the main menu
    • Group buttons (actions) inside a button named "Community" and choose which buttons you want to leave outside.
    • Enable/Disable categories in columns
    • Forum description
    • Enable Carousel
      • 3 slides available by default
      • Set the URL for the Image[ of each slide
      • Place your text on each slide
      • Now you can use BBCodes in the textarea of the carousel
      • Title and url's for each slide
      • Set the speed for the carousel
    • Disable FontAwesome icons
    • Social network icons
    • Separate sticky & normal topics
    • Enable avatar on board mod
    • Enable avatar on recent posts
    • Enable avatar on topics list
    • Recent publications on the left side of the board.
      • Can put in the right side.
    • Alerts when:
      • You have new message
      • The forum is in Maintenance Mode
      • The forum have a moderation reports
      • The forum have approve members for waiting

Updates and support will be found at SMF Tricks.

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Demo: http://demo.smftricks.com/



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Re: Darkly
May 02, 2016, 09:36:53 PM
The colorpicker doesn't workfor me . Do we have to tick a checkbox somewhere in the theme settings ? I haven't seen anything except "Allow users to change theme color" but that doesn't change anything.
I check Safari, Firefox ans Chrome but no changes.