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Date: February 02, 2014, 06:32:27 PM

SA Shop 1.0 RC1
SA Shop Is A shop mod that allowes your members to buy items and use them plus more.
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Updated on: 21th June 2012
Current Author: Diego Andrés

Author: SA™
Original creator: Daniel15
Type: New Feature
Available since: 23th April 2009
Latest version: 1.0 RC1
Compatible with: SMF 2.0.2
Available languages:

What does it do?
With SA Shop, you'll have a fantastic shop for your smf forum. Your members will get cash or credits, with posting in the forum, making topics, trying lucky in the games room of the shop, buy items and other stuff in the shop, and more!

How to use
To use SA Shop, download the package from the SMF customization site, and install it via your Package Manger.
It should add a new button in the main menu, for enter to the shop, and a new button in the admin, for shop admin.

Support & comments
If you have a problem with this mod, want to comment, or have any question, please post to the modification support topic and I will reply as soon as possible.

Other information
Translation of this mod
o I am always happy to get translations of my work so that more users can use it. If you have translated this modification, please post the translation in the support topic.
Please make sure you have translated everything, and that there are no spelling misstakes etc.
Also, please post both a non-UTF8 version and a UTF8 version.
o Thanks to Daniel15 for code from the original shop mod
o Thanks to SA™ Creator and developer of this mod

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January 14, 2017, 05:03:42 PM
I'll sure check this addon out, thank you devs!

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