Please read carefully our terms and conditions.
This can apply to users, themes, paid services in any related case.

1. Membership

We currently offer three types of membership, that are from 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.
This will give you permission to download all our premium themes.
When your membership is over, you'll lost the access to download them. But you still don't have permissions to re-distribute them.
Also you won't be able to access the support boards, but you can renew your 'license' by buying the theme again, but it will cost you only the 20% of the original price.

2. Product/service delivery

As soon as your payment is made, you'll get access to the download links or your membership and you'll be able to download our products.

3. Refunds

We do not offer any kind of refund when buying our memberships.
You should consider this while you buy a membership or any product.

4. Modifications*

You have permission to make any modification you need. You are not allowed to delete our copyright from our themes or products. However, you can add your own name or credits. e.g.: Theme by SMF Tricks Modified by your site.

5. Property*

You are not allowed to award our work under your intellectual property, whether modified or not.
All the products released by our team are exclusive property of the respective author and SMF Tricks.
However, you are allowed to use any non-graphic type sprite (main_block, etc) used on our themes.

6. Unauthorized Use*

It is strictly prohibited to upload, post or publish in any method of dissemination our products, whether modified or not. The re-sale and re-distribution is prohibited without permission of SMF Tricks. And we do not allow the re-distribution of themes made by others without permission.

7. Warranty

SMF Tricks is not responsible of a bad performance nor the bad use of any product with any kind of modification from another person. We don't warranty the good performance in all the browsers. You can always check our themes in the demo site. We'll try to make the themes the most compatible possible with any browser. You can also report any issue in a non-modified product.

8. Updates

All our new Themes designed will be compatible with the latest version of SMF
We don't warranty the good performance with old nor future versions. However, if is majority requested, we'll try to make a theme to be compatible with future versions of SMF.

9. Support

Any kind of support will be given through our forums. We won't reply emails or private messages requesting for support.
Also we do not offer support to sites that copyright (SMF, Theme,) has been removed.*

10. Adaptations

Our adaptations are from old SMF versions, old and deprecated themes, from other systems or the use of HTML templates. We are not responsible of the bad performance nor bad use of those Themes. However, any site that remove the respective backlinks, or copyrights, will be banned from SMF Tricks.

Actually, we do not tolerate public requests for copying designs from a SMF forum and we won't offer help to make it. We also don't allow help from other users to commit this actions.

All our adaptations will be under the respective permission.

11. Sales

We don't allow sales of other products that are not from SMF Tricks and we don't allow to offer similar services to the ones that we offer. However, you can contact an admin and ask him to approve your services.

* The failure in any of this points shall lie into your account..

This terms are under any modification without previous advice.