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Ok so I've solved the problem with the username not showing. Weirdly enough, it was not a bug, it was a feature  O:-)

I am still experiencing the following issues though:

1. When in Mobile View and Replying to a message , some drop-boxes are overlapping "Subject" and "Message icon" strings rendering them partially invisible (see attachment). Tested on Android/Galaxy S6.
2. When using Search button and nothing is found, sometimes it shows the correct page with "Nothing found" message, but more often it goes to "Not found, error 404 The page you are looking for no longer exists."

I'd appreciate any sort of suggestions, thanks!


I have just recently installed your Redsy Theme on my forum and I love how it looks!
However I am experiencing some major problems with it.
The most urgent issue for me is that when opening a thread in mobile view, the username of the posters is not showing up, just the avatar image.

Could you please help me get to the bottom of this issue?
Thanks a lot!