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any news friend ?

Give me your index.template.php

I attached the file,..moreover want to know that how to add some custom link in site main header logo ?

How to add one more extra button in header ?
Kindly help. I love greeny theme, i love developer !

You just have to upload your favicon.ico to the root of your forum, for example: or see it here
That doesn't depends of the theme.
yes done this thing but no luck :'(
Don't know why.

Hello i tried all things to add a Favicon in my smf forum but failed :(
I am using greeny theme as default (;sa=view;down=92)

Kindly help.

It doesn't matter, the mod will work fine. It will show the prefixes in the topic list as its supposed to, and everything else will be ok.

That "error" it's just a esthetic/visual modification, it's not vital for the mod functionality.

You can ask Pipe to add the title inside the post.


If that error is nothing then i can ignore it :)

Nothing, it's supposed to add the prefix to the topic title, but on greeny there isn't.

"it's supposed to add the prefix to the topic title" well if it's not present in greeny theme then what's the benefit to use this mod on greeny ? :\ as i want to use this mod only on greeny :(

Try with the following

And I cannot fix the Display.template because it hasn't the code the mod search, just install it with the error, it will still work.

Oh thanks Diego,..error gone while installing,..but i am just scared for greeny theme that single error :(
May i know what will it affect ??

Attach the first two files and I'll modiffy them before you install the mod (this way you won't get errors), the third error is not going to cause any trouble, you can just ignore it.

I am using greeny theme (;sa=view;down=92)
So kindly check display.template file also so that there will be no error in theme for this module.


Test failed at ./Sources/Subs-Recent.php
Test failed at ./Sources/MessageIndex.php
Test failed at ./Themes/greeny/Display.template.php ( )

I am using 2.0.11 SMF Version.
Kindly hely to fix the errors.

Free Themes / Re: Greeny
« on: September 19, 2015, 09:52:37 AM »
I really love this theme. But how can I stop that the user has to scroll down every single time he clicks something? Maybe make the top bit disappear for logged in users?

Thank you for any help provided :)

I agree,..if user is not registered or logged in to the site then that header part has to be shown,...otherwise if user is logged in to site then there must be no header part, as header has to be everytime scrolled down ! I agree that header automatically scrolls down when we opens some post or topic. But header should not be there for logged in members.

Free Themes / Re: Greeny
« on: September 19, 2015, 08:42:37 AM »
Is this theme working on SMF 2.0.11 ??  :-*