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Hello Daniel,  You have an amazing beautiful theme and thank you for your efforts.  I have spent most of the day reading from your replies in two different forums just to make sure my problem was not already discovered.  I saw a couple of people mention it but I think they got lost in the thread as they were never replied to. 

The problem that I have is two fold but it is in regards to the responsive image resizing.  The reseller.css has the max-width: 100% for the img tags and they  work great, except in two areas on your theme.  I, like many others are using the Ad Seller Pro from SMFhacks that uses the tables on either side of the theme pages. When using Chrome the images remain very small.  using chrome if you go to here  and look to the right banor.  Now if you open the same page in IE the problem is gone the image is perfect, however if you try to resize the Chrome remains small but IE is not responsive. 

Now if you resize and look at a post,  the avatar gets much bigger (so in mobile this takes up a lot of room, rather than get smaller. 

I have tried editing the DIV tags and SMFHacks is also trying to figure out a solution. You are a brilliant person, so my hope lie in a solution from you.  I hope you can find the time to help as I am running out of time to get this done. 

I found several articles on the same problem.  I tried to do this and borrowed the same code since ti seems to work in the table. But eh table I think at least the TD is the problem.  If you inspect the elements on my page you can see it is exactly the same, yet the banner on the top right is super small and the SAME one on the bottom is very large.

Thanks for everything you do for SMF