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Oh,..this time you rocked man !!
i understood all points,..but point 3 , dottet line,'s not wotking well.
i put this below code
   float: left;
   width: 15em;
   border-right: 4px dotted #ccc;
by changing 1px to 4px,..the line became dotted but it's not coming till last,..the line is just 20% out of 100% page.

Thanks man,..but also tell me that theme header solution. i do not want to reinstall theme :(

1. Search for .catbg and .children in the index.css
2. I'm not sure, as the theme is not mine, but I'll give it a check later today :P
3. Try adding that in .poster ---> border-right: 1px dotted #ccc;
4. Search for #basicinfo and reduce the width, but don't forget to adding more width to #detailedinfo

I hope it helps. I mean, because my answers were short/quick :P
:o  :o
Your Answers Were really short  ;D
1. i searched for .catbg and found 20+ .catbg  :P , but i think it's this one :
.catbg select
   height: 1.5em;
   font-size: 0.85em;
Secondly i found .children one time only :
.table_list tbody.content td.children
   color: #555;
2. Ok Tell Me When you examine properly ( please do not forget ).
3. Ok,..where is .poster located ?, it in index.css file ??,..moreover where exactly to add this "border-right: 1px dotted #ccc;" code ??
4. #basicinfo,..where is it ?, is it in rtl.css file,..if yes then it have more than 5 #basicinfo,..where to reduce size and where to increase ?  :-X

All things fly in air  ::) ::)
Friend This Time Guide Me Properly,..I Am Not An Expert As You !!  :)

Feedback / Something About SMF Tricks.
« on: July 15, 2014, 10:35:44 AM »
Now, seeing this site i am wondering that can it be possible. i mean such a awesome site,..actually awesome word is also small. But really this site theme, and design seriously blown my mind.
WoW,..guys how many years you took to make this special site  :P .

Awesome site SMF TRICKS rocks  :)

Some Customization to WRAP Theme.
Hi,..i need some modification to my awesome wrap theme,.So kindly tell me the procedure so that i can modify it.

1. I want to enlarge some texts as shown in image :

kindly help by telling these modification solution.  :)

Support for SMF Tricks Themes & Mods / Re: Wrap theme header
« on: July 14, 2014, 03:38:28 AM »
This theme has been reuploaded to fix the problem of the header, ie, you have to re-download to fix the problem. Respect to the version of SMF, works without any problem with the latest version, is not necessary to edit it, just install it like any other theme.
Thanks For reply.
but if we install this theme again,..then we have to install all mods again,and do all settings again :(
Can you give the easy tut to fix the error,..that you have modified in these fresh files. ??

Support for SMF Tricks Themes & Mods / Re: Wrap theme header
« on: July 11, 2014, 01:35:36 AM »
Theme updated! // Theme actualizado!
Hey,..awesome theme
i am using this theme from very starting,..and i am also suffering from this header problem.
You have written that it's been "updated". so i want to know that where is updated theme ?
as wrap theme i am using is 2.0.6 and present wrap theme on smftrick is also 2.0.6, please give fix for this error. :)