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Press CNTRL + F5

Oh awesome, thank you! Totally forgot to even try doing that. I have one more question though, if you look at the theme, the new thread and reply buttons are orange, how would I go about changing those to the same blue as-well as the text in the drop down from the navigation bar?

Try this:

After giving the site time to refresh and what not, it seems like the bar is still the orange it was initially.

Try this:

Just replaced the file, giving the site some time to update then I'll reply again with the results. Thank you for your help so far.

Any luck with the index.css?

attach your index.css, please

Attached, thank you for taking a look.

Over 1000 views and nobody knows how to fix this issue? Either it's a larger problem than I had thought or I probably won't be getting the help I hoped for  :P

Almost 400 views, any chance anyone knows how to fix these issues? I'm still having no luck. I've searched for the color code and nothing came up. Everything stock orange, in the CSS, I've changed; to my knowledge. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey! I've recently decided to use the Gaming Nation template as a base for my website. I've been able to edit most of it without any issues but there are a few things I just cannot get figured out.

1. The primary navigation bar is still orange, even though I was unable to locate the color code corresponding to it.

2. A similar issue is currently happening with the new thread and reply buttons as-well.

I've searched through the files to see if they were raw images like a good bit of the other icons but had no luck in actually locating them. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out with this; the website looks very much off with the orange navigation bar and reply buttons.

Here's a link to the website in question so you can get a better idea of what I'm talking about.