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Topics - fortitude

Forum Info Center has 2 tabs
Forum Stats and Users Online

I'd like to add 3rd tab - in front of these two, and make it active when page loads.
It would be for custom html which would contain images.

Could you please show me how to add that 3rd tab?

I'd like to change icons for on/off/redirect to a font awesome icons.
Could you help me with that? I see that fontawesome is already included, which is super sweet.

Also 2.nd question
Do you maybe know how could I add font awesome icons in posts, like this one?


I have couple of questions regarding Reseller theme.

1. Menu - How do I make it drop down on hover?
    Also, how to make it fixed?

2. When I'm inside of thread I can see on top right number of replies and views.
    I'd like it to say  for example   

   7 replies & 20 views

  so, yeah, I'd like to add & which would be the same height as that text, but different color.

3. How to stilize BIG TITLE OF THREAD that shows when I'm inside of thread? I'd like it to be inside of uncolored box.

4. How to stilize    « previous next » (put it in button boxes) and also make it look like this « previous | next »

5. I've decided to put logo with white background in header, and make background white.
    But then I can't see text  Profile | Forum Profile | Recent Unread Topics | Updated topics  <- how to change color of that text?

Lots of questions, I know. I hope for help. :)