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Presales / Namex/ZGames theme question
« on: October 17, 2014, 10:47:28 PM »
Does the Namex theme handle a full size image background on multplie screen resoultion / monitor sizes. And would I be able too convert the theme too a green type like the zGames premium theme?

Also does the Namex theme have an option for the menu navigation bar, too add a drop down menu, for instance a tab named Gaming at the menu bar, and drop down menu listing PS4, PS3, XBOX, than another submenu for those 3 items, so like a drop down menu, than has submenus? Sorry if it doesn't make sense.

Would it be possible too have pop up log in similar too the Reseller one add easily too the Namex Theme?

Also could I create the similar drop down menu affect with submenus on the Zgames theme also?
On the Zgamer slideshow would it be easy too add a picture too the slideshow that has like a button with a link that redirects the users too an online store. But the button moves with the picture in the slideshow? or would it probably be best too just have an online store button?
Does the Zgamer come with that footermenu too add more links?

Lol another question but regarding the mobile versions of these sites? do these themes make the mobile site come up clean? or is it really sloppy too use and come out as the desktop version.

These themes are so freaking awesome! Sorry if my questions are all over the place. I'm just soooo excited too be using this site and too be creating a site. Thank you!