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Thanks for the answer!

As I wrote above, I have my own edit of the Flexive theme (you can see here https://форум.стратегикон.рф )

After you update the theme for 2.1 RC2, will I be able just to use old (my current) index.css or will I have to totally rewrite it?

So, there's released 2.1 RC1 version. Will you adapt your themes now or will you wait for RC2?

Could you tell how to install this mod on Flexive theme? Even if I replace the code manually it doesn't work :( I've disabled Awesomefont icons and checked it on default theme, on default it works.

Subj. I liked so much this theme. You can see my adaptation of it on my forum https://форум.стратегикон.рф. I would like to have this theme after releasing 2.1.