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Success now, but...

- Used the original one + local file path: doesn't work for me.

- Used the first one you uploaded here + local file path: works for me.

- Second one you uploaded here: untested by me.

(Downloaded from here:

Would it help if I tested the second one also?

Doesn't work for me.

But now I have a speculation. In firefox/chromium developer tools, network, I don't see any requests for Could perhaps be because of our ssl settings.

Not the case here, but also a content security policy could break this, I guess.

I don't like fetching content from google anyhow, for both, privacy and performance reasons.

I guess it's a good idea to try fetching /ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.1/jquery.min.js from a local resource?

I suppose the big login button is a javascript one. So are the drop down menus in the main menu.

Your demo page ( works for me. Although it is still on 2.0.7 while our forum is at 2.0.9. So it's likely not a browser issue on my side.

Any idea why the buttons are broken? Is the reseller theme ready for 2.0.9 yet?