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Dear Alls,
I found the another problems.
Code: [Select]
<a href="', !empty($settings['facebook_text']) ? $settings['facebook_text'] : ' ' ,'" title="', $txt['rs_facebook'], '"><i class="fa fa-twitter fa-2x"></i></a>
Replace with:
Code: [Select]
<a href="', !empty($settings['facebook_text']) ? $settings['facebook_text'] : ' ' ,'" title="', $txt['rs_facebook'], '"><i class="fa fa-facebook fa-2x"></i></a>
Code: [Select]
<a href="', !empty($settings['twitter_text']) ? $settings['twitter_text'] : '' ,'"><i class="fa fa-facebook fa-2x"></i></a>
Replace with:
Code: [Select]
<a href="', !empty($settings['twitter_text']) ? $settings['twitter_text'] : '' ,'"><i class="fa fa-twitter fa-2x"></i></a>

Dear Daniel,
That's worked again.
Thank you very much.
Prach Konphet

Could you tell me more about default the first tab? Now it shows the fourth tab (#users) by default, I would like to show the first tab (#recent) by default.

Tab Lists of My Webboard
1. #recent
2. #calendar
3. #stats
4. #users

Thank you for advanced.

It's worked.
Thank you very much

Deal Alls,

In the main page of SMF it normal shows Recent Post ( and User Online ( by defualt. I have set to show Recent Post in the front page of my webboard, but it doesn't show that position that I set, It show the same as users tab. For example:- When I click recent tab, it shows Users Stat or Users Online and When I click users tab, it shows Users Stat or User Online same too.

Thank you for your suggestion.
Prach Konphet