ST Shop 4.0 | Changelog [31/10/20]

Started by Diego Andrés, May 27, 2020, 01:25:05 AM

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Diego Andrés

Today we are releasing the new 4.0 version of the ST Shop.
Below we can find the most relevant information regarding the updates for this release.

4.0 - 31 October 2020
Added option to import data from SMF Shop, SA Shop and ST Shop 3.x
Icons for Shop items updated.
More hooks.
Allow easy creation of Games for the Games Room.
Alerts reworked to use background tasks.
Code optimization.
Fixed minor bugs and logic issues.
Portions of the mod rewritten and code updated.

New feature
Bug fix
Improving an old feature
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Diego Andrés

No, solamente SMF 2.1.
La versión 4.0 para arriba solamente compatible con la futura RC3 de SMF 2.1.