ST Shop 4.1 | Changelog [27/10/21]

Started by Diego Andrés, November 03, 2020, 06:51:14 PM

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Diego Andrés

Today we are releasing the new 4.1 version of the ST Shop.
Below we can find the most relevant information regarding the updates for this release.

4.1.10 - 27 October 2021
Improve inventory display in posts.

4.1.9 - 13 October 2021
Use integrate_register_after for the Simple Referrals integration.

4.1.8 - 03 October 2021
Fixed some minor issues with settings.
Fixed typo in notifications.
Added integration with Simple Referrals.
Sort Addons by name

4.1.7 - 30 August 2021
Display "No stats" message when stats are empty or not available.
Fixed missing links for user profiles.

4.1.6 - 23 August 2021
Use unsigned in database columns

4.1.5 - 19 July 2021
Added link to the integrations/mods in the settings page.

4.1.4 - 19 July 2021
Fixed double title in inventory.

4.1.3 - 16 July 2021
Fixed typos.
Value type for int columns is now bigger just in case.

4.1.2 - 06 November 2020
Fixed wrong image name in last purchased icon.
Fixed typo in installer file.
Various minor changes.

4.1.1 - 05 November 2020
Added cache inventory in posts and profile.
Fixed issue caused by loading the inventory template.
The return of likes, set credits received per like.
Added a content table log in the database to prevent duplicates from likes and best answer integration.
Improved integration with SMF Arcade. Added settings for personal best, and new champion.
Added integration with Best Answer.
Check if there's an usable input for an item instead of printing empty method.
Added language strings support for Primary Member Group Module.

4.1 - 03 November 2020
Added basic integration for SMF Arcade.
Minor tweaks to Modules and Games.
Fixed credits format for standard title placement in posts.
Don't show alert settings if the shop is disabled.
Fixed major inventory issue, when viewing posts and profiles.
Portions of the mod rewritten and code updated.

New feature
Bug fix
Improving an old feature
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