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Boban ツ

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  • Bootstrap 5
  • Full Responsive Theme
  • FontAwesome 6
  • New icons pack
  • Set your own logo url
  • New designs for the news
  • Enable/disable carousel and control carousel speed
  • Show carousel only on home page
  • Enable/disable avatar on board
  • Enable/disable avatar on recent posts stats
  • Enable/disable avatar on topic list
  • Quick login
  • Profile cover imge (Forum Profile > Look and Layout image link)
  • Separate sticky & normal topics
  • Board Template
  • Display Template
  • Members List
  • Profile Template
  • Login
  • New Personal Message
  • New Alerts
  • The forum is in Maintenance Mode
  • The forum have a moderation reports
  • The forum have approve members for waiting
  • Add Quick Links 2 rows
  • Social networks icons

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In the images above, you have them on a background different than the themes logo. How much for just that background image? I'd like to use it as a logo.