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SMF Version: SMF 2.1.x Views: 16559 Rating: (6 Total ratings)



Free & Premium Themes for SMF

Developed by: Diego Andrés


Demo Online
☑️ Features
  • FontAwesome
  • Bootstrap
  • Social Networks
  • Logo URL
  • Forum Width
  • Separate sticky topics
  • Avatars
    • Boards
    • Topics
    • Online Users
    • Recent Posts
    • Memberlist
  • Menu Customization
    • Disable Menu Icons
    • Add Log out, Log in and Sign up buttons
    • Remove Specific Menu
    • Community Button for Grouping
  • Select CDN for Fonts
  • Custom Links
  • Profile Covers Addon

📦 Installation
It is installed as a traditional SMF Theme for SMF 2.1.x, just grab the latest release of the package and go to: Admin > Configuration > Themes and Layout > Install a New Theme > From an Archive > Select File > Upload.

You can find detailed instructions and/or more documentation about the process in Installation - How do I install a theme.

🌐 Localization
Translations are all based off the Theme Customs strings, and you can contribute directly on Crowdin.

🔨 Changelog
Review the changes and patches from the different releases/versions of the package in the Changelog

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