Started by Diego Andrés, February 10, 2018, 07:04:49 PM

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Diego Andrés

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Free & Premium Themes for SMF

Developed by: Diego Andrés
Designed by: César 'Raphisio' Gómez


Demo Online
☑️ Features
  • FontAwesome
  • Bootstrap
  • Social Networks
  • Logo URL
  • Forum Width
  • Separate sticky topics
  • Avatars
    • Boards
    • Topics
    • Online Users
    • Recent Posts
    • Memberlist
  • Menu Customization
    • Disable Menu Icons
    • Add Log out, Log in and Sign up buttons
    • Remove Specific Menu
    • Community Button for Grouping
  • Select CDN for Fonts
  • Custom Links
  • Categories in Columns
  • Forum Description
  • Categories Cover
    • Integrated Addon to upload covers
  • Carousel
    • Slide Title
    • Slide Caption
    • Slide Link
    • Slide Image
    • Integrated Addon to upload images
  • Profile Covers Addon

📦 Installation
It is installed as a traditional SMF Theme for SMF 2.1.x, just grab the latest release of the package and go to: Admin > Configuration > Themes and Layout > Install a New Theme > From an Archive > Select File > Upload.

You can find detailed instructions and/or more documentation about the process in Installation - How do I install a theme.

🌐 Localization
Translations are all based off the Theme Customs strings, and you can contribute directly on Crowdin.

🔨 Changelog
Review the changes and patches from the different releases/versions of the package in the Changelog

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Some updates!

Diego Andrés

Theme is now available for SMF 2.1!



I can't buy it. Can you help me please?

If I click on "Buy now" it opens the Latest Premium Themes page
Last Edit: October 07, 2022, 09:11:09 AM by gatesco

Diego Andrés

Please try again.
If you still have issues, send me a pm and I'll troubleshoot with you.


Ciao Diego, is possible to insert the logo in this theme?

Diego Andrés

Yes. It's mentioned in the description as Logo URL.


Hi, I can't see the "Categories Cover" and also despite is flagged the carousel didn't work.

How can i fix it?

Diego Andrés

Use the support board if you need assistance setting it up.


Hello sir! Does this theme function normally with ST Shop and your other mods? What about with Social Login? I'm very interested in purchasing it since it's quite beautiful but I need it all to work together. Thanks in advance!

Diego Andrés

It should.
Make sure that mods that modify files are preferably installed after you installed themes, or you'll have to add the changes manually using the parser.