Started by Diego Andrés, February 09, 2016, 07:04:51 PM

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Diego Andrés

It shouldn't look like that by default.
Make sure all the files were uploaded, you can use an FTP to browse to /Themes/NameX/

In any case I assume you already setup a logo with the setting?


Found the text My Board but now this comes up when executing - Token verification failed. Please go back and try again.

Diego Andrés

Usually happens when you go back on the browser or have two tabs open in the admin, not really a theme issue.



This theme is superb but I'm having an issue. The "bold", "italic". etc buttons row is now visible on my site. What could be the reason? Thanks!

Diego Andrés

Try disabling this option in the admin.
Admin > Forum configuration > Features and options > Minimize CSS and JavaScript files.


In the default SMF theme, "News" items typically appear in the top right corner. Do I need to adjust any settings or CSS to ensure they're displayed?
how about this site? can i also apply here?
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Diego Andrés

The theme does not have a setting for "random news", you need to use the news fader instead.


very well thank you for your advice sir!