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Started by Diego Andrés, February 02, 2014, 06:38:13 PM

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Diego Andrés

Please install the mod, and in Sources upload this file replacing the existing one.
And please notify if that works, so I can update the mod.

Please try out the new version 4.0.1 and tell me if it works
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Only appear moderator . Does not appear andministradores not global moderators , nor any other special users.

Also not shown in the styles shown in the picture below:

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Diego Andrés

That depends on the theme you're using.
And how you manage the groups, e.g. The global moderators into left, administrators into right...

You need to create new pages in the tp admin to be able to add groups, the moderators page it's just a normal checkbox option to enable/disable.


Well, I've already seen how to create it , thanks.

Diego Andrés

Thanks to you, I'm glad it's working just fine.


Thank you!
I'm waiting for this update, because I would set your beautiful mod into my forum.


I know the last post il one year old, but I have a question about this mod.
Is there a way to add a custom profile field in the view? here is my profile on my website, and i would like to show the field "(Wakfu) Peudos:" on each member of a specific group with the mod.

Thank you,
Best regards,



Sorry for the question but can you tell me where do i change/add the "I Love Team Page" text. The one in the image.

Edit: forget it, it's a "Custom Title".
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Perdona revivir el segundo tema pero ando trabajando en un proyecto en smf 2.0 y esta sería una de las modificaciones que quisiera agregarle, la mayoría se puso a trabajar con 2.1 y dejaron de lado la versión 2.0, ya quedan pocas personas que le ponen empeño..

De casualidad no lo tendrás guardadito por allí?.

Saludos ramgo.

Diego Andrés

No ya no está disponible, y al menos yo ya no lo tengo.
Y bueno respecto a 2.0 pues es lo esperado, es una versión bastante vieja y por ello ya nadie desarrolla en dicha versión, lo mejor es actualizar a 2.1.



In addition to being able to add groups, could the ability to add members one by one be added?

Sometimes someone outside a team group may have a role.

It would also allow for better customization of the team page by breaking up the difference between what team members does, instead of people viewing them as a group.

Diego Andrés

I'm afraid it would not be possible as it is. The mod would have to change a lot to do that.

In any case, it's already very flexible so you could probably accomplish what you want using additional groups.

I believe that if you create an invisible group and set it as an additional group on these users, you can then display that group.


I'll look into invisible groups, it sounds effective enough. Thanks


No text other than the username seems to appear for me -

I tried editing my profile to see if I was missing something. I'll go check the default theme whilst I think about it. It turns out even the default theme is empty text wise.