Started by Diego Andrés, October 31, 2014, 07:33:54 PM

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Diego Andrés

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Free & Premium Themes for SMF

Developed by: Diego Andrés


Demo Online
☑️ Features
  • FontAwesome
  • Bootstrap
  • Social Networks
  • Logo URL
  • Forum Width
  • Separate sticky topics
  • Avatars
    • Boards
    • Topics
    • Online Users
    • Recent Posts
    • Memberlist
  • Menu Customization
    • Disable Menu Icons
    • Add Log out, Log in and Sign up buttons
    • Remove Specific Menu
    • Community Button for Grouping
  • Select CDN for Fonts
  • Custom Links
  • Profile Covers Addon

📦 Installation
It is installed as a traditional SMF Theme for SMF 2.1.x, just grab the latest release of the package and go to: Admin > Configuration > Themes and Layout > Install a New Theme > From an Archive > Select File > Upload.

You can find detailed instructions and/or more documentation about the process in Installation - How do I install a theme.

🌐 Localization
Translations are all based off the Theme Customs strings, and you can contribute directly on Crowdin.

🔨 Changelog
Review the changes and patches from the different releases/versions of the package in the Changelog

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hello, I would like this theme make 1024 px wide for pc use

Diego Andrés

Quote from: ntfrance on April 01, 2015, 09:18:55 AM
hello, I would like this theme make 1024 px wide for pc use

Most of our themes (I think all) have an option to set the width for the forum.
This theme doesn't because it's full width and also full responsive.


Ok thanks but y have one problem in the menu :

Menu in wamp localhost:

Menu in smftricks demo

Diego Andrés

Please use the private support board to follow the discussion


you can see the screen of the administrative area? I would also like to know if you can change the color of the bar, and put the type metro
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Diego Andrés

I'm not sure what does that mean.
Do you want the menu like metro, or the topbar?
And I don't know about the admin stuff you mentioned. What screen?


here is what I mean in the attached file.
other question, I happened with other themes, that the demo site are responsive, rather then later installed on my forum, these are not responsive to smartphones, can sucedere with this thema?



The download is broken.

Can someone send me the theme please?


Diego Andrés

Hi, you can buy this theme in our store page.


Oh, thanks, I had not seen Store


I bought this theme last week to satisfy the Google mobile search ranking requirement since this is a responsive theme. It works great and I highly recommend LikeIPB and SMF Tricks! Thanks!!


Hello guys I visualize the sections in this way see the link and also attached

I would like to display it
like so
or see attached better

thanks a lot
for those who give me a hand

Diego Andrés

Hello, please use private support board for better assistance.




Thanks for the beautiful theme. Does the "Recent Forum Topics" mod work with this theme?