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Started by Verrick, May 20, 2024, 02:58:32 PM

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I need a modification for my forum using smf.

I need something that will look like an Excel, Google Sheet or table.

Similar to

But I need the ability to assign each column to a different group(s).

So based on example Column A Row 6+ is order number 10000 and up.

Column B Row 6+ Is item name filled in by user.

Column C Row 6+ Is Name Filled in by user

Column D Row 6+ is Date person  enters data.

Column E Row 6+ should have 2 options for it "Self" or "Market"

Column F Row 6+ Is Quantity if Column E is set self then user enters quantity
If Column E is set to market then no quantity is entered.

Column G Row 6+ Is Name of builder entered at later time.

Column H Row 6+ is Minimum Stock Field entered at later date.
Column I Row 6+ Is Job in progress check box entered at later date.

Column J Row 6+ is Date Builder starts making items.

ST Shop would have been close but could not change names/titles and could not clear or change sell and money info to other titles.

OR a mod that can bring and Excel or Google sheet into forum and Table out of forum to a Google Sheet.
MAybe and inventory mod or a ST Shop with more options and ability to change titles ect.

What would cost be to make such a mod?

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Diego Andrés

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