New, N00b, and Nervous

Started by Howl, September 25, 2019, 11:53:06 AM

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Hey Eveyone

Not wanting to gabber anyone's ears off (or eyes?) but is there a place I should post requesting the creation of a Mod for SimpleMachine Forums version 2.0.14 and higher that would allow a member to create multiple sub accounts? Our forum is a very simple little Role Play spot for myself and a couple other ladies and we're by NO means HTML savvy what so ever. (we've broken the forum twice in as many days X( so obviously we don't know our butts from buttons.)

Willing to pay of course and there seems to be a large volume of people wanting the same thing from a few other forum posts that I have seen. It should be a profitable undertaking, at the very least I myself will pay for the mod.

Diego Andrés