Does smftricks also install themes for customers?

Started by wildside, March 23, 2017, 01:00:06 PM

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Hi, I am interested in the Emerald responsive theme for my forum. Do you also supply installation of a theme? My forum has very few plugins and they are all by smfhacks...

I would be interested to know if this service can be suplied. (Theme purchase and installation)

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Diego Andrés

You would have to ask the theme author in the theme support board once you buy it, in this case Pipe.

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Thanks for tha, She sent me a PM and we are looking into costs now.


I bought this theme (Emerald)for my forum and asked if I could get help installing and cleaning up some old mods and themes.... Fantastic theme, Fantastic service. After I accepted the quoted price my forum was cleaned up in a couple of days and now runs a responsive theme..... THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Highly reccomended... You can see my forum running the Emerald responsive theme here

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