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Okay, it only seems to be happening in the materialistic theme.
Rotating my screen enables me to see slightly more but it just changes where everything gets cut off ..

I've tried enabling the request desktop setting in chrome, but unfortunately it was just the same results.

I also tried zooming in and out, out seems to be disabled as it should be and zooming in works, but also interestingly moves the cut off part too..

It almost looks as though it's the base of the footer covering everything?

I also noticed when the page is first loading, I can actually see everything but then this mysterious grey covering appears..
How odd! I was using a nexus 7..
I'll see if I can get it to happen in any other themes etc. and try to figure it out!
Hey, just came across a weird bug..
I thought it was just on my site but I've checked on your demo site and still experience it!

Basically when browsing the sites via tablet, The pages get completely cut off at a certain point.  You can still scroll down but all the elements are missing?

It's hard to explain so attached is a screenshot!

Previews / Re: Rocket
February 09, 2016, 07:16:10 AM
Quote from: Diego Andrés on February 07, 2015, 01:31:14 PM
Kind of, I would say it's on stand-by

Expressing some interest to fuel it's completion!  O:-)
Hmmm, hopefully something crops up that will solve it across all devices.  I planned to use 3rd level menu's in my main menu but the demo doesn't have any to see how it would display.

Definitely looking to upgrade soon, but I can't seem to settle on which theme to use.. :-P
Nice one.
There's a few other things I want to change but I think I will be able to do them..

Yep, same menu I was meaning.

When I click show posts to open the drop down. I am taken to the page before the menu can open.

Using chrome for Android if that helps
I'd be interested in buying this theme if I am able to easily add a rotating banner up top.

There's also a bug with mobile devices and 3rd level menu's that I'd like fixed first.

Really nice theme as usual though guys! Been thinking of updating and this could be the one.

Also is adding font awesome icons next to the main menu items possible?