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A word of advice to the wise.  DOCUMENT every change you make to a file--and make notes of useful hacks for later use!

Somewhere, I read how to comment out the home URL that occurs when mousing over the logo--and used that on a site I developed for a client.  I want this function to go away.  Any suggestions?

I am using the Wrap theme and all is generally well.  My issue concerns the dropdown child ( menu items behavior in Firefox 37.  These appear in a block normally when the cursor hovers over the main menu item--but often disappears too quickly when moving the cursor down to click on one.  One has to be VERY quick to get there.  On the first load of a new page, they stick.  After selecting a menu item on the resulting page they do not.  Is there a way to extend the persistence of the child menu block on hover--or glue it better to the first level menu item?  This is making me nuts....  >:D

It is interesting to note that this behavior is limited to FF.  The dropdown functions perfectly in Safari, Chrome, IE, and Opera.  Any thoughts?